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La Molina FEBICO uses clean, uncontaminated mineral water as a source of water that feed into the 140,000 microalgae culturing pools and is organically certified by Germany.  And from proprietary processes developed by our bioengineers, we are able to produce over 200 tons of pure Organic Spirulina powder and 1000 tons of Organic Chlorella powder

Reseach & Development

Furthermore, La Molina FEBICO is continuously growing and diversifying within the field of health, making available for you state-of-the-art technology for a future that is being lived today.  The continuous work of our Research and Development Unit, together with our strategic Distribution Network, define our presence nationwide. 


Our main goal is to conquer a share of the world market offering to other laboratories the insurmountable quality provided by our Outsourcing department. Quality is guaranteed by our experts, who carry out a close control of all the operations involved in the production processes, quality control, storage and distribution of our products.


La Molina FEBICO produces microalgae and naturally organically grown products for the nutritional supplement and immunological diagnostics research market.


The products made by La Molina FEBICO are renowned by our high quality.  We work in accordance to the good manufacturing practices issued by the World Health Organization, which is the standard used for the companies in the pharmaceutical industry.  Our greatest satisfaction is providing not only the local pharmaceutical industry but also the major international markets with a wide range of products and a manufacturing service meeting the highest quality standards.

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